Wednesday 23 January 2019
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huffingtonpost - 3 month ago

Come On, Retailers – Surely Shoelaces Don t Need This Much Packaging

We ve all had online orders that arrive in ludicrous packaging boxes within boxes, or everything swathed in layers of plastic but Dr Martens packing approach seems to take things to the next level. Case in point: Katie received a huge parcel from the shoe company on Monday surprising, as she d only ordered a single pair of shoelaces. Upon opening the large box, inside which she could easily have fitted a pair of shoes, the mum from east Yorkshire found a white envelope. And inside there? Finally her pink laces.She couldn t believe what she was seeing. The public are always encouraged to be mindful with waste yet big companies are continuing to waste packaging like this, Katie, who didn t want her surname shared, told HuffPost UK. At least it was cardboard and not a plastic bag, which is one thing. The pink laces were in a padded envelope which would ve easily fitted through the letterbox, had they not been placed in a large box full of excess paper packaging. I couldn t believe they d been sent in a box, Katie said. I d ordered them online because I couldn t get pink laces on the high street and assumed they d be sent in the post, but they sent them by courier. When she received the item she took to Facebook to complain, writing: This is disgraceful... won t be ordering anything from Dr Martens online again. Katie said she s passionate about recycling and being mindful with waste, which is why she posted it online. And if you go by social media it seems she s not the only one. Really? This box was for a single pair of drumsticks (fancy jazz player signature set, not chicken). Tea mug for scale. What was your worst over-packaging delivery? Simon Weir (@TallSimonWeir) November 6, 2018Completely appalled by ⁦@officedepot⁩ ⁦@OfficeMax⁩ ridiculous and irresponsible over-packaging of ONE PEN. So not honored to receive it. So rethinking our whole office supply plan. RavArielStone (@ravarielstone) October 31, 2018HuffPost UK contacted Dr Martens for comment and is waiting to hear back.Related... Real Or Fake Christmas Tree: Which Is Better For The Environment? Why Can t You Recycle Crisp Packets? Do You Recycle Your Old Clothes? Here s Why And How You Should

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