Thursday 24 January 2019
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How To Spot An Erectile Problem And What To Do Next

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a relatively common condition and can affect men of all ages. In fact, 4.3 million men in the UK experience symptoms** Prevalence based on men reporting occasional and frequent difficulty getting or maintaining an erection [ref. Kantar TNS Omnibus Survey Dec 2010 in a survey of 1,033 men]Most men experience ED at some point in their lives. Sarah-Jane Swanley, a sexual health counsellor says, If ED happens only occasionally perhaps work s stressful, or you re having a bad patch in your relationship - it s not likely to be serious or long-lasting. The good news is you can ask your local pharmacist for advice about it, and there s now an over-the-counter medicine available that may help treat your symptoms.So how can you spot an erectile problem, and what can you do about it? Symptoms over timeDifferent men have different experiences of ED: some are unable to achieve an erection at all, some can get an erection but cannot maintain it long enough for sex, and for some their erection is not hard enough. If you have these symptoms over a period of time, they may be signs of an erectile problem and it s important to seek some help. Many men and their partners - put up with the symptoms of ED for years because they re too embarrassed to approach a medical professional for help, suggests Sarah-Jane.Avoiding intimacySome men who are experiencing symptoms of ED avoid opportunities for sex: this change in behaviour may be enough for a partner to spot a potential erectile problem. Habitually staying up late after a partner has gone to bed, working late, being too busy , or even saying they have a headache when the opportunity for sex arises are all alarm bells that erectile problems may be the issue. Many men find it difficult to acknowledge and talk about erection problems and partners need to treat the situation with sensitivity: It s better for partners to ask gently about any underlying issues rather than jumping in with confrontational questions about having a problem or not finding me attractive when their other halves avoid sex, says Sarah-Jane.Solo erectionsSome men cannot get an erection in a sexual situation with a partner, but they can through masturbation, during the night and first thing in the morning. This may point to an emotional rather than physical cause of ED. There s an intriguing and clinically-recognised method for finding out whether you experience erections during the night the postage stamp test. You place a strip of perforated postage stamps in a ring around the circumference of your non-erect penis before if a perforation has torn by the morning you ve most likely had erections during the night. Don t be embarrassed to tell your pharmacist or doctor that you get erections on your own but not with a partner, as they can factor this into their diagnosis, says Sarah-Jane. Health conditionsSome medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, periodontal disease and gum disease are linked with erectile dysfunction, as are lifestyle factors such as smoking, excessive drinking and obesity. If you have any of these conditions and are experiencing symptoms of ED, it s important they are investigated by a medical professional: treatment and embracing a healthier lifestyle may have the knock-on effect of improving your erectile function. The main physical cause of ED is not enough blood flowing into the penis, so you cannot get and keep an erection when you are sexually aroused. This happens because the small vessels supplying blood to the penis during an erection become narrow or blocked.Getting helpWhatever the reasons behind your erectile dysfunction, it s important that you don t suffer in silence. Simply pop to your local pharmacy where you can have a private chat with a pharmacist who will be able to advise you, and if suitable for you - supply VIAGRA Connect to treat your ED symptoms. VIAGRA Connect works by relaxing the penis s blood vessels, so more blood can flow into it when you re sexually aroused, giving you an erection. After sex, your erection should subside as it would normally. Make sure you read the patient information leaflet inside the packet. Your pharmacist will recommend that you make a follow-up appointment with your doctor for a health check within the first six months of taking VIAGRA Connect .If your pharmacist decides VIAGRA Connect isn t right for you, they ll advise that you see your GP who will be able to help you further. VIAGRA Connect is the first medicine available without a prescription in the UK to help men with erectile dysfunction.VIAGRA Connect is available to buy from the pharmacy and registered online pharmacies VIAGRA Connect 50mg film coated tablets. Contains Sildenafil. For erectile dysfunction in adult men.Always read the leaflet. For more information on ED and VIAGRA Connect , visit PP-VCO-GBR-0224

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