Tuesday 11 December 2018
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huffingtonpost - 27 days ago

The BBC Had A Hilarious Duel With A Brexit Protestor And Lost

A determined protestor with a useful appreciation of camera angles was today engaged in a brief battle of wits with a BBC camera crew during a live broadcast from Westminster.Georgina Wright of Chatham House was being interviewed about Wednesday s crunch Brexit deal talks when a chap in a blue top hat and a Union Jack draped over his shoulders wandered into shot carrying two signs.One read STOP THE BREXIT MESS and the other, THINGS HAVE CHANGED IT S TIME TO REASSESS .After a few seconds dominating the screen, the BBC director in charge switched to a cropped shot of Wright, shunting the protester out of the frame.Undeterred he simply strolled over and managed to align his signs perfectly with the new angle.Cue a cat and mouse game of camera switching that got progressively faster and faster.Lovely. This protester has learned about camera shots, so does his best to crash each one. The director takes on the challenge and the scene becomes a beautifully British cat and mouse game that speeds up perfectly. pic.twitter.com/IdP5EjVzst SimonNRicketts (@SimonNRicketts) November 14, 2018Lovely stuff.All the latest on Brexit... Nigel Farage Expertly Trolled After Declaring May s Brexit Deal Worst In History Brexit Deal Losing Theresa May Support Of Tory MPs And Voters Everything You Need To Know On Theresa May s Brexit Judgment Day

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