Tuesday 14 July 2020
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huffingtonpost - 14 days ago

10 Unusual Baby Names Inspired By Greek Mythology

We re here to guide you through the coronavirus pandemic. Sign up to the Life newsletter for daily tips, advice, how-tos and escapism.Every parent believes their own child to be special and capable of incredible things and quite right, too. Well, now you can give your child the gift of kindness, strength or grace, by bestowing them with a name straight from the heavens. We have a wealth of baby name inspiration on HuffPost UK Parents, but here are 10 monikers inspired by Greek mythology.Related... From Flora To Sakura: 12 Baby Names Inspired By Flowers AthenaThe name Athena was derived from the city name Athens. In Greek mythology, it s the name of the daughter of Zeus who was the goddess of wisdom, warfare, handicrafts, mathematics, and courage.PenelopePenelope was the wife of Odysseus in Homer s Odyssey. It has two origin stories: it was either derived from the Greek pēnē, meaning thread of a bobbin, or penelops, a type of duck. SeleneGreek goddess of the moon, Selene was also often connected with the goddess Artemis a patron and protector of young girls. HeraHera was the Greek queen of heaven . Wife of Zeus the king of the gods she was also known as the goddess of marriages . IrisGoddess of the rainbow nothing could be more appropriate for life post-pandemic than this shining emblem of joy and hope. JasonJason led the fearsome Argonauts a group of Greek warriors. The name means healer . HermesThe Greek god of travel and trade, Hermes is linked to swiftness and good luck. ZeusThe Greek god of thunder and the sky. He ruled over humankind any child with this name is bound to be a leader. Related... In Defence Of The Unusual Baby Name ParisParis began the Trojan War by abducting the famously beautiful Helen of Troy. He also defeated the powerful hero, Achilles.ApolloThe Greek god of music, art and medicine, Apollo also represents knowledge, law, beauty, wisdom, sun and light. Related... These Unique Baby Names Are Inspired By The Great Outdoors Grimes Has A Surprisingly Simple Nickname For Baby X Æ A-Xii Grimes Explains The Meaning Of That Baby Name X Æ A-12

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