Tuesday 11 August 2020
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huffingtonpost - 1 month ago

Jeremy Clarkson Says He Would Vote Labour Under Keir Starmer

Coronavirus has changed everything. Make sense of it all with the Waugh Zone, our evening politics briefing. Sign up now.Broadcaster Jeremy Clarkson has said he would vote for Keir Starmer s Labour party if there was an election tomorrow despite largely backing the Tories for most of his life.The outspoken former Top Gear host, a friend of Tory former PM David Cameron, described Boris Johnson as a talking teddy bear backed by a cabinet of absolute wet ne er-do-wells .And he questioned the prime minister s habit of quoting really obscure Greek mythology , simply asking: What are you doing? Clarkson criticised Jeremy Corbyn and Tony Blair as he stressed that while he was not naturally a Conservative he usually ended up voting for them.But asked if he had ever considered voting Labour, Clarkson told G T on Times Radio: If there s an election tomorrow, there s an example. Keir Starmer - I appreciate there s no love lost between newspapers and Keir and so on and he s made a few mistakes and I don t like his hair - it seems to be a single entity, it s just one molecule, his hair, which is odd. But I don t like Boris s hair either so let s not judge them on their hair. Jeremy Clarkson tells Gloria Tom he would vote Labour tomorrow if there was an election but adds Keir Starmer has made a few mistakes and I don’t like his hair .@GloriaDePiero | @tnewtondunn | @JeremyClarkson | @Keir_Starmerpic.twitter.com/sA6cAmvtTH Times Radio (@timesradio) July 5, 2020The Sunday Times columnist went on: I don t think the current crop are doing a particularly good job. When Boris was ill and they just kept wheeling those absolute wet ne er-do-wells into the press conference every day, and I thought for heaven s sake if this really is the best they can do without the talking teddy bear at the top . And now the talking teddy bear s back and he s just quoting really obscure Greek mythology now when he s trying to talk about oxes (sic) treading on people s tongues and I think, what are you doing? I wouldn t naturally vote Conservative it just happens to be that most times, when we re asked to vote - obviously no-one in their right mind could vote for Corbyn, Blair certainly had his moments of seeming quite sensible and then went into war and that was idiotic, and banned hunting and even though I didn t like hunting I thought that was idiotic. So it just happens to be that every time it comes around and you weigh up which is going to provide you with a better life, the better country to live in, then it s usually the Conservatives. Related... Vast Majority Were Doing The Right Thing On Super Saturday , Health Secretary Says Health Secretary Has Significant Concerns About Leicester Clothing Factories Kanye West Announces He s Still Running For President, Because Of Course He Is

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