Friday 24 January 2020
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huffingtonpost - 2 month ago

Watching This Family Being Reunited For Christmas Will Give You All The Seasonal Feels

Getting into these little arguments with our brothers and sisters and then making up, of course is part of the charm of family dynamics this time of year. But what about those families that don t get to spend the festive period together?Like Blessing Okundolor and her brother, Terry. The 39-year-old mother-of-four works as a carer in supported living homes in Stockport, Greater Manchester 210 miles away from her brother, a security guard in London. Blessing hadn t seen Terry for six months, and hadn t met his first child, her infant nephew Nolan, either.Blessing s role as a support worker means that not only is she unable to spend Christmas with Terry, she often doesn t get to spend the day itself with her own children, as she is busy working. I try my best to make everything for my girls before I go to work on December 25th: I make sure the food is ready, I prepare the turkey or the chicken by slow-cooking it the day before, I put the presents under the Christmas tree, I prepare their clothes. I do it all a day before and then I give them a big hug and a kiss before I go to work.Coca-Cola arranged a special surprise Christmas meal for Blessing s family and her brother s, where they reminisced on Christmases past, caught up on the present (lots of snuggles with baby Nolan) and made memories for the future. I was so shocked, I didn t see it coming at all, says Blessing about being reunited with Terry in the red Coca-Cola Christmas van and meeting her nephew for the first time.When I saw the Coke bottle, I thought: ‘Why is his name on it?’ And there he was, standing with the baby – I just started crying. He wanted to surprise me. I love surprises. For me, the fact that I m able to celebrate Christmas with my family it s all that matters. I m able to give my kids the gifts they want for Christmas, as much as my bank account is crying. It s a good feeling .For Blessing, Christmas these days looks rather different to the childhood Christmases she and Terry spent together in their native Nigeria. Everyone in their community would contribute to buying a cow, which would be divided equally between all of the families. Everyone would start cooking up a storm and continue to cook through the night from Christmas Eve, making delicacies like pepper soup and pounded yams. We were so looking forward to Christmas morning that we practically didn t even sleep. We d cooked for the com the kids would take this food to our neighbours and they d give us money, and then we d come home and start counting our money. In the afternoon we d visit friends, and since there was no public transport because it s a public holiday we d walk for miles and miles without even realising. We felt such joy and happiness because it was Christmas. Coca-Cola is on a mission to bring families like Blessing s together this Christmas, reuniting those who are busy working over the festive period and live far away from their loved ones. This year, why not celebrate the season by sharing a limited-edition Coca-Cola zero sugar Cinnamon or Diet Coke Clementine with someone you love? Merry Christmas everybody!

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